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A beautiful Haweswater morning

I spoke in my previous post about my first wild camping trip this year. The night was fine, dry and still. Each time I looked out of my bag I could see stars in the sky, suggesting a good sunrise for photography. But when the alarm went off at twenty past four it was still fairly dark and with cloud around. I had forgotten to check the sunrise time and it looked like I'd been over-cautious so I set the snooze button for another half hour. It was still not promising at ten to five and it was hard to get out of my warm (though damp) bag and out into the cold air. Low clouds had formed on the tops and the ridges so even though the sky was clear above it didn't look like I'd get much of a sunrise. I took some shots anyway but as expected they later proved to be disappointing.

So I got back into my bag and lay down for a bit for more sleep. Perhaps forty five minutes later I woke up to absolutely glorious crystal clear air and a fantastic panorama. Quickly up and out of the bag and rush back into picture taking mode. I'd left one camera on the tripod already composed so wipe the condensation off the lens and shoot. Run round with the other camera hand-held. The results were worth waiting for.

As well as the air clarity I also had the bonus of a mirror-smooth lake. The colours everywhere were rich and beautiful. Definitely a place to go back to.

Wild camping on the Old Corpse Road looking over Haweswater to High Street
My bedroom for the night


Thanks Eliza, it was empty the whole time I was there.


Wow, so beautiful and not a soul in sight!

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