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The Pennines in black and white

Earlier this year I went walking in Teesdale. The weather, the season and the place all came together and I got a really good set of shots in black and white. They turned out just as I had visualised them, not a common occurrence.

Whenever conditions are similar I will shoot in black and white so I knew there would be other shots in my catalogue in the same style. I found a selection of over fifty. Thinking this was a little too much for showing together I thought I'd select just those from the Pennines, from north to south.

I started my photography when I lived just outside the Yorkshire Dales national park, in lower Wharfedale. Then we moved to Todmorden in what is known as the South Pennines. After that Lymm, in Cheshire, in easy distance of the Peak District. Finally here in Brampton on the edge of the North Pennines AONB.

Throughout its considerable length the Pennine range has an identifiable character, though the difference between the gritstone and limestone areas gives it something of a split personality.

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