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Windgather is a wonderful outcrop of perfect gritstone on the western edge of the Peak District, not far from Macclesfield. It’s a wonderful rock climbing crag, especially if you like easy climbs (which I do). Good rock, easy access, wonderful views. I wanted a bit of bouldering and soloing and thought I’d have the place to myself on a weekday. No such luck. There were several minibuses-worth of school children on a day out, though they did stick to just one part of the crag so no too much of a problem.

The rock is ideal for soloing, easy angled, not usually too serious, with very postitive holds. But I’d also gone expecting some spectacular thunderstorms later on. Windgather has a 360-degree panorama and I thought that the storms could give some spectacular views. Well, the storms didn’t arrive but the clouds were quite pretty and I took some shots anyway.


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