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The grandeur of the Ogwen valley

This set of shots was taken at and around Ogwen Cottage in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia. It’s a fantastically photogenic location with spectacular shots within a short walk of the car and, at the right time of day and year, some good angles of light from the sun. The problem is all the man-made clutter around the place – telephone wires, cars and car parks, farmyard junk, roads, etc. You have to find your angle to avoid this stuff if that’s your preference, as it is mine.

You also have some of the most charismatic names in Snowdonia facing you – Y Garn, Pen Yr Ole Wen, Glyder Fawr and Fach, the Devil’s Kitchen. My personal favourite mountain is Tryfan, I think the only mountain in Wales and England that requires scrambling to get to the summit. These are some of the biggest summits in Wales and England with the winter bonus of snow on the tops.

There is also a concentrated wealth of long rock routes, climbing and scrambling, unsurpassed (IMHO) in the British Isles outside Scotland. No doubt there’ll be many to disagree with that.

Most of the shots were taken with my old Pentax K20D. I can’t fit a graduated neutral density filter on my new favourite, the Olympus OMD-EM10. When the scene’s brightness range demands it I use the Pentax.


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