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Roughing it part II

We left our hero on the hill after he’d settled down for a short night, with the alarm set for 4am ready for the sunrise.

I didn’t get much sleep, probably not surprisingly, but woke up about 3:30 and looked about. It was already getting light and there was already some nice colour in the sky. I decided I might as well get up anyway. I’ve noticed before how sunrise on a clear day can come with the most amazing set of colours, especially blues and purples.

The light gradually came, though the sun itself didn’t appear over the tops of the hills until about forty minutes after the “official” sunrise time. I gave it until about six o’clock before I decided the colour had gone.

I did take a few shots on the walk back, one of which was surprisingly good and which appears here.

All in all, despite my ungrateful complaint that the weather was too nice, I was happy with the shots I got and now I’m looking at the weather wondering when I’ll do it again. Not today, the rain is coming down like stair rods.

Nearly all shots taken with the Olympus again except the final one, which was with the Pentax K20D.


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