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For Jennifer

A customer from today’s market at West Didsbury has asked to see a particular shot on-line that she saw at the market. I think it’s this one…


Snowdon range from Llynnau Mymbyr

My on-line galleries don’t always have every picture I have on sale at the market. The reason is just that I (currently) organise the on-line galleries around themes and a particular look. This means that some pictures that don’t fit the theme don’t make it into the gallery, even though they’re great pictures that I’m proud to show at my markets. This shot happens to be one of those. It’s one I took many years ago while I was still using film, while stopped half-way on a trip to the Lleyn Peninsula. I still have several shots from that trip around the place, some of them still on sale at the markets.

Anyway, Jennifer, if you’re reading this – I hope this is the picture you meant.

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